Tag: Adele Hall

Written by Adele Hall, NOC Director


My 4-year old granddaughter often asks when told she has to wait for or get something later, “When is later? Is later, now?” and so it is with the future as it concerns COVID-19.

The future is now.A question frequently asked is, “What will the future, or business look like post the pandemic?” If one could quantify how often this question or a version of it is asked, it would most likely rank in the top 5 questions being asked right now. And yet, as often as the question is asked, we are no closer to consensus on the answer. Why then start with a frequently asked question by my granddaughter? Because the future is NOW.

We can’t predict the future but we can do something about now. There’s a new reality emerging for all of us even if we can’t predict what it’s going to look like in our homes, our businesses, the South African economy or the global economy. But it’s coming and it will be like nothing we’ve never experienced before.

If there are some of us who are thinking that our lives are on hold and we’re waiting for the virus to run its course and all we need to do is stay safe, stay healthy and keep our heads down, for once it’s over we’ll return to our lives pre-virus, get back to normal. No. The way we were is over, a new normal is in the process of being formed. Be part of that metamorphosis. See the pandemic as our Damascus Moment and use this time to learn and reinvent and re-emerge enhanced versions of ourselves.

We’re not certain how the world will emerge, but we can focus our energy on preparing ourselves for the new normal. Appreciate that this rampant virus is a mighty catalyst for change.Where to start? As the great Anthony De Mello would have said, start with self.Never before has it been more important to answer the question of questions, “Who am I?”. Who am I choosing to be during this pandemic? Who am I choosing to be post the pandemic?

Stop thinking about what you want (that may be unrealistic given the circumstances) instead focus on who you want to be. How do I cultivate my curiosity during this time, become an accomplished specialist, grow my knowledge base to emerge with an enhanced mindset and new skill/s that you can bring to bear on a changed world.

It has been said previously, this pandemic is a great equalizer, a phenomenal leveller that presents us with a tremendous opportunity to learn lessons from the edge. I recommend that while we cannot control the changes that will be made manifest at an economic or business level, we can spend some of the lockdown time working on the change we want to see, by working on ourselves.

There’s never been a better time to heal ourselves, break free from the pain and patterns that hold us victim and trapped.What about spending time re-evaluating what really matters to you, what you value. Reassessing the key relationships and roles you have that are aligned to the things you value. With this in hand, assess the gap between who you are now and who you want to be. Set realistic goals that will move you over time to BE the person you most want to be. A person who will be relevant in our new world with its new normal.

We are always in a state of greater becoming, the pandemic has acted as a magnificent catalyst to propel us into an uncertain future. Don’t waste the crisis.

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