Our Vision

Beyond Consulting: A Partner in Transformation

NOC strives to be an extraordinary company that empowers people to deliver exceptional results. Our dynamic team focuses on transformative solutions that enrich lives, ensure sustainable businesses and grow the economy.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves in understanding people and businesses from the inside out.
By combining the necessary resources and expertise, we develop and implement innovative solutions that deliver real impact, advance change and achieve sustainable success.

Our Team

NOC is a 51% black women-owned, level 2 B-BBEE consulting firm made up of diverse, knowledgeable and passionate individuals who are accomplished professionals in their own right. Our combined corporate and entrepreneurial experience, in collaboration with our channel partners, means we understand our clients’ varying needs and expectations and we deliver, every time.

What Makes Us Different?

We are a consulting firm that is extraordinary. Just ask our clients about our transformative solutions and our partnership approach to working with them. We consult, design, deliver and monitor progress. We leverage our expertise and our passion for results to mindfully guide and manage sustainable change – both in individuals and in business processes.

Our Goals

Sustainable success: to provide services and solutions to aid our clients in achieving on-going success in their personal lives and business results
Transformative Development: to offer our clients innovative and relevant solutions, allowing them to develop to their full potential and achieve their personal and business goals
Measurable Growth: to assist our clients make significant and quantifiable progress in their personal lives and businesses

Who We Are

Meet Our Team

Kasia Pierce

Kasia has 17 years’ experience as a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) and has worked with various Sector Education Training Authorities, including TETA, WRSETA, SSETA, merSETA, CHIETA, FASSET and ISETTHi. In addition to her generalist HR skills, Kasia is a specialist…

Deidre Barnes

Deidre holds an honours degree in Industrial Psychology and has over 10 years’ experience in facilitation, content development and coaching.  She has been involved in a variety of local and international development initiatives, empowering leaders and HR professionals to lead…

Vanessa Whitehead has operated as an Executive and Entrepreneur in various local and International Organisations. Her experience spans over 25 years in Leadership, Human Resources, People Development, Operations and Consulting. She holds a BComm (Hons) degree in Industrial Psychology and…

Adele Hall

Adele Hall’s  professional life is defined by three very different, but significant areas: The first chapter of her career (spanning approximately 13 years) she operated in the accounting field, holding various positions and while working in this field, completed a…